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Friday, October 2, 2009

last meal in europe

This week the boys got to pick their own country in Europe to study.
B1 chose Norway, B2 Austria and B3 Denmark.
They each had to pick a part of the meal to make and choose a recipe.
B2 chose dessert but we forgot to start it before we went out for the afternoon to our Home School meeting.
So we will have that for dessert tonight.

B3 did the main- a meatball dish from Denmark
So B1 had to make some vegetable dishes from Norway.
They mustn't eat many salads or veges in Norway as it was really hard to find any recipes.

We settled on a cucumber salad, and a beetroot salad that was inspired by a salad someone had in Norway.

We decided that the coconut in the dish was probably not authentic!
Next term they have decided to study South America.

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