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Saturday, May 22, 2010

meat pies

We love meat pies, but try to make our own rather than use frozen pies.
It really is quite easy.
We used kangaroo mince in these and made our own pastry.
To be honest I usually use frozen puff pastry, but I was out, so I simply made pastry using this recipe omitting the sugar. 
They turned out quite well.

 Cook onion and then add your mince and brown it. 
Add seasonings of your choice- I used homemade fruit chutney and Worcestershire sauce and a few other bits and pieces until I got the flavour I wanted. 
I also thickened it with some cornflour, but you could use gravy powder which will add extra flavour.

B4 rolling out the pastry- he always wants to help with pastry.

I used Texas muffin pans as well as normal size as I only had one tin of 6 - not enough for 8 of us 6 of whom are growing boys
(note to self buy another Texas muffin tin before making pies again)

We served them with mashed potato and mushy peas.
I cheated with the peas. 
I used frozen green peas and after cooking with some mint from the garden I put them into the food processor to puree, with a little sour cream and pepper.
Now if I had have been more organised I would have soaked and boiled some blue boiler peas until they were soft and mushy- these are the traditional mushy peas. 
I normally would have also made gravy but on this night we just had tomato sauce.

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