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Sunday, July 18, 2010

orange cake with chocolate icing

VCH was home on Wednesday so I thought I would whip up the orange cake and ice it with chocolate icing.
It was delicious. 
I love the combination of chocolate and orange.
This was a simple cocoa powder, icing sugar and hot water icing.
On Friday we had two lots of visitors, some for morning tea and some for afternoon tea, so I made this cake again but cooked it in two smallish loaf pans.
I then made a chocolate ganache.
Heat 200ml cream- do not let it boil and then add 200g dark chocolate and stir until dissolved, it thickens as it cools.
For the first cake I just put some on like icing when it had cooled a bit.
For the second cake that I served in the afternoon I reheated the chocolate and put it in a jug. 
The cake was then served with the chocolate sauce poured over it and whipped cream.
Just delicious!
Served like this it would make a lovely dessert if you wanted be be a little decadent add some Grand Marnier to the chocolate.
My next experiment with this cake recipe is to use one of the tangelos that VCH was given last week.

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