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Saturday, June 26, 2010

my new favourite cake recipe

Yesterday on one of my favourite blogs was this recipe for an easy orange cake.
As oranges are in season at the moment and I got a box at 69c a kilo the other day at the fruit and veg I thought I may as well try this cake.
It is made using a whole orange and the food processor- too easy!

Yesterday I made it and just dusted it with icing sugar. 
It was so yummy that I made another one today.
Today I was a little bit more fancy and iced it with an orange butter icing and even made some candied peel to go on top.
I was feeling a little bit Masterchef after watching Donna Hay on there last night!

 I have never made this before but as I was about to make some lemon butter I noticed the recipe on the opposite page and thought I would give it a go.
I think next time I make this I might make a chocolate ganache to go on top. 
Orange and chocolate together are one of my favourite food combos!

 As we have heaps of lemons at the moment courtesy of our tree I thought I would also make a lemon version. 
I added 1/2 cup extra sugar to sweeten it a little more. 
It too was delicious - it is a lovely moist cake.
I now have plans to make candied lemon slices to grace some further cakes.

Some lemon with your tea, dear?

(This beautiful cup and saucer set are for The Girl - a little inheritance from my aunt and the table cloth was my grandmother's.)

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