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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

orange almond cake

This cake is just beautiful.
I have had the recipe longer than I have had children, I can remember serving it to work friends over for afternoon tea.
Now being on a gluten free diet it is my go to special occasions cake.
When I used to make it I just bought ground almonds from the baking section in the supermarket, but now I am using almond meal that is made from almonds with the skin on.
I think the skin makes it a little denser and not as sweet.
Next time I make this I think I will add a little extra sugar to counteract the skins.
Here is the recipe as is.
Serve it with Vienna cream and a chocolate ganache for those extra special occasions.

 Orange Almond Cake
2 large oranges
250g sugar
250g ground almonds
1t baking powder
6 eggs

Boil oranges in water for 1 1/2 hrs. 
Drain off water and blend oranges in the food processor. 
Add remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly with orange pulp. pour into a buttered 23cm springform tin and bake in a pre- heated 200C oven for 1 hour. 
I have taken to covering the top with flaked almonds before baking and dusting with icing sugar when cool.

Chocolate Ganache
200g dark chocolate
200ml cream
2 T Grand Marnier (optional)
over a gentle heat melt the chocolate and cream together. add liqueur, mix and serve warm on the cake.

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