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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

meal from brazil

For our meal from Brazil we had Brazilian donuts for morning tea.
For the night time meal we did a Brazilian BBQ with chicken skewers marinated in garlic and lime juice and then topped with yoghurt and Parmesan cheese before grilling. Yummy!
We also had kebabs with lamb, pork chorizo sausage and mushrooms, I used a Portuguese marinade, because a lot of their recipes are Portuguese based, it was very spicy. this was served with Brazilian rice, and a salsa made with capsicums, tomatoes, and onion.
We made Swiss lemonade (which is made with limes) and for dessert we made Brigadeiro, a little sweet made with condensed milk and cocoa.

I have become out of practice at taking photos of meals and forgot to take some of the main, so I only have photos to show you the donuts and the sweets.
We are off to Argentina next- stay tuned.

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