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Saturday, November 7, 2009

in my kitchen- pantry

My kitchen is very special to me, I waited a long time for it and when we did our extension two years ago I finally had the chance to build my dream kitchen and I love it!
It is beautiful, functional and I love to cook in it!

We have a large walk in pantry with bench space.
VCH fitted it out for me using the timber bench from our old kitchen, restaining it to match the bench in the main kitchen.
VCH and I designed it and he built the shelves out of white melamine.

It has space for my cookbooks, electrical appliances- the ones we use everyday we keep on the bench.

We keep the first aid kit and medical stuff in here.
It has space for a month's worth of groceries for my family of 8 as well as some of the larger Tupperware and casserole dishes
The pantry has sliding doors to hide away the mess when visitors come but other than that we hardly use them.

Last year I picked up a design book in a tile showroom and happened to flip open to a pantry that could have been mine- it was almost exactly the same (except it had been "styled" for the photo with matching everything), I couldn't believe it!

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