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Sunday, August 16, 2009

my favourite things stand mixer

This is my Kitchen Aid Ariston Stand Mixer, I got it just before Christmas last year.
It was not technically a Christmas present, but a tax return present.
For most of last year I had to use my food processor for everything.
My blender had broken, one of the kids dropped the hand mixer and broke it, and my processor was not looking too good either but it was the only thing I had.
I decided to invest in good quality appliances that have long warranties, and that could be fixed rather than thrown out when broken.
My Kitchen Aid was one of these.
I love it!
I can actually make a lovely sponge with it and it is nice not having to stand and hold a mixer while I'm whipping things.
We use the dough hook for pizza or bread dough and it gets it done in no time.
I haven't got any attachments for it yet but am considering an ice cream attachment, and a mincer/ sausage maker.

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